Community of Faith - Education from a Biblical Worldview
This is Cornerstone
A Community of Faith - Education from a Biblical Worldview
Cornerstone represents many different churches and denominations, but we agree on the essentials of the historic Christian faith and the supremacy of Jesus Christ. At Cornerstone we believe that education cannot be separated from our Christian faith and so seek to incorporate a Biblical worldview into all aspects of the education process.
on Strong Academics
Academic Excellence
Focused on Strong Academics
At Cornerstone, our highest goal is to graduate young men and women who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of Scripture and who do so with eagerness, in joyful submission to God.
provides a Classical Education
Classical Education
Cornerstone provides a Classical Education
Cornerstone Academy is a classical Christian school. We follow the time honored, proven method of educating used for centuries with great success. Classical education gives students the tools for learning and systematic thinking. Therefore, we emphasize the basics: Bible, reading, writing, arithmetic, English grammar, Latin and logic
Multiple Extra-Curricular Activities
Campus Life
Offering Multiple Extra-Curricular Activities
Cornerstone Academy offers a broad range of extracurricular athletics and activities sure to challenge, inspire, and equip children to impact his or her world as a passionate disciple of Christ. Activities and athletics provide opportunities for students to discover and cultivate gifts and talents that support their relationships with God, family, and academics.
Enrollment Options - 3,4 or 5 day
Flexible Enrollment Options - 3,4 or 5 day
Cornerstone opened its doors in 2000 based on the university model. Students would have three days of primary instruction on campus (Tues,Wed,Fri) and then 2 days of home study and instruction. Recognizing the needs of many families, Cornerstone now also offers 4 (+Thurs) and 5 (+Monday&Thursday) day options.
a thriving Community and Family
This is Cornerstone
Building a thriving Community and Family
Each of the families at Cornerstone Academy has made a commitment to building and preserving a strong family unit. We encourage each other toward a strong sense of family identity and share common convictions on standards and methods for the moral training of children. We understand and appreciate the vital role that community plays in the deepening and grounding of that moral training in the hearts of children.
Students since 2000
Academic Excellence
Educating Students since 2000
Cornerstone Academy opened in 2000 as the result of its founders’ search for innovative solutions that would meet the academic needs of today’s families. We explored the natural connection between church, school, and home, and discovered a way to weave these ancient pillars of community together. Our combination of home study and classroom study comprises an educational model that allows parents a high level of responsibility for their children’s education through partnership with seasoned professionals. Thus, each child’s individual needs are met, and parents enjoy greater support and accountability in the process.
LIGHT 2017 Servathon
LIGHT 2017 Servathon
On March 17, 2017, Cornerstone students and families participated in the third annual LIGHT servathon.
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Cornerstone Academy Launches "Home of Our Own" Capital Campaign
40-Month Program to Enable Purchase of a Permanent Facility
The board of directors and administration have launched this campaign to accomplish one of the key objectives in the newly minted strategic plan.
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Supporting Cornerstone
Letter from Headmaster - Mid-year Update
Headmaster Lawson provides an update on some of the key progress being made this school year.
It has been often noted that time seems to pass at different speeds depending upon what one is doing in that time. We are already in the second half of a school year that feels as if it just started. It has been an exciting time with significant changes, noteworthy accomplishments, and growth. We prayed for fidelity and relied on the Holy Spirit in the process. We will continue to do so.
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Student Re-enrollment for 2017-2018 school year open
Re-enrollment for existing students is open until Feb 22nd, 2017.
If you wish to not re-enroll please advise Amber Livingston, in our Admissions Office no later than February 22nd. It is our prayer that your child will remain part of Cornerstone where they will be classically educated, inculcated in the Christian faith, led to know the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, and loved.
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School Board Releases 2017 Strategic Plan
The strategic plan provides a compass point for the school over the next 3-5 years.
After months of collaborative design and editing, the school board has released the 2017 strategic plan. We humbly pray that God will bless the efforts of each board member, faculty and parent in achieving these goals.
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  • Letter from Headmaster - Mid-year Update Communication
  • Student Re-enrollment for 2017-2018 school year open Admissions
  • School Board Releases 2017 Strategic Plan Communication
No shortage of friends and fun
Raising Godly citizens of the next generation
Sometimes reading it is not enough
Developing Godly character traits
Administration cares deeply for kids in their care
Sometimes you have to leave Gainesville...
Orff is a wonderful avenue to learn music
Opportunities to learn and leverage technology
Competitive sports for young women
Regular grade-level field trips
Compelling Drama Productions
Multiple options for young men to compete
Multiple clubs to get involved with like 4H
Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty
Integrating art into learning